Utilities Claims

CERTUS can deal with every aspect of a utility project’s impact on private property and business interests.

We act solely for landowners and tenants, never for Utilities.

Utilities projects can commonly include the repair and installation of:

  • water mains and sewers
  • electricity pylon and pole lines
  • electricity underground cables
  • gas pipelines
  • telecommunication apparatus – above/below ground lines
  • various other above ground utility apparatus

We have a detailed understanding of the legislation underlying any Utility’s right to occupy and undertake works on private property, along with the right to compensation for both landowners and tenants.

Utilities Claims & CPO

CERTUS can professionally deal with all stages of the process including agreeing terms of entry and accommodation works and ensuring that property is properly reinstated. We negotiate relevant compensation in relation to reinstatement, losses, and disturbance in a commercially orientated and business-like manner.

In most cases the Utility Company will pay CERTUS’ fees and expenses when acting on behalf of a landowner/tenant.

Compulsory Purchase

A significant amount of legislation and case law underlies the area of compulsory purchase and great care should be taken.

CERTUS can deal with every stage of the compulsory purchase process. This can include providing advice at the commencement of the consultation process, advocating on behalf of clients including preparation of objections, agreeing access for inter alia site investigations, negotiating accommodation works and claims for compensation.

We can also prepare and submit Certificate of Appropriate Alternative Development (CAAD) applications on behalf of a landowner affected by a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO). In practice, the value of land is often ascertained through obtaining planning permission for new development. CAADs are a method of determining whether, if it were not for the compulsory acquisition, planning permission for other forms of development of the land could (or could not) be expected to be granted. This can have a significant bearing on the level of compensation (which can be positive and negative).

Generally, the Acquiring Authority will pay CERTUS’ fees and expenses when acting on behalf of a relevant landowner/tenant in agreeing accommodation works and negotiating claims. Acquiring Authorities can include:

  • Roads Authorities
  • Rail Authorities
  • Utilities
  • Central government

If you are a landowner or tenant and feel that you are impacted in some way by the actions, or potential actions, of a Utility Company or Acquiring Authority then contact us to discuss what we can do to help you.