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Identifying and Negotiating Terms with a Land Promotion Partner

CERTUS have extensive expertise in negotiating commercially attractive option contracts, promotion contracts and purchase & uplift contracts on behalf of landowners.

We have exceptional working knowledge of the new build housing market and links to all national housebuilders and land promoters, as well as regional purchasers/promoters and investors.

We are the only Land Agency in the country that have the services of a full-time consultant with 30 years’ surveying and planning experience, who has worked for planning authorities zoning land for development and determining planning applications, as a Land Director within Plc housebuilders promoting and negotiating the purchase of land for development and as a Land Agent looking after the interests of private landowner clients.

Strategic Land

Thinking of promoting land yourself?

CERTUS have extensive expertise in the promotion of agricultural and brownfield land through the planning system to achieve its redevelopment for residential purposes.

We can assist you in all of your land promotion needs.

Just Get Started!

The most important advice we can give to a landowner who is considering the promotion of their land for residential development is to get started.

As a first stage CERTUS can undertake an initial assessment of your land from a market and planning perspective to provide an independent opinion on its prospects. This initial assessment will be undertaken free of charge.

When negotiating the commercial terms of option contracts, promotion contracts and purchase & uplift contracts, we always seek to agree very detailed Heads of Terms to provide clarity for all parties prior to entering into legal drafting. Thereafter, CERTUS works professionally to help ensure that the contract reflects the pre-agreed terms.

Dependent on the scope of our appointment CERTUS will also track the performance of the developer/land promoter to ensure that both the planning promotion opportunities and ultimately the land receipt(s) to the landowner are maximised. We are very experienced in the assessment and negotiation of abnormal costs, including planning gain and affordable housing. Along with the negotiation of related s.75 Planning Agreements.

If a site has reasonable planning and housing market prospects, in most cases we can negotiate that the appointed preferred developer or land promoter meets the landowner’s reasonable professional fees (CERTUS and solicitor) involved in negotiating and concluding the necessary legal agreement(s) on behalf of the landowner.

If you are a landowner and looking to maximise your land/property’s potential then contact us to discuss how we can help to get you started.