Needing some planning advice?

CERTUS can provide a range of planning services throughout the development process dependent on requirements. We have two planning consultants each with over 25 years’ post-graduation experience leading this area of work.

Our consultants’ past projects range from smaller scale proposals such as applications for Prior Notification, removal of agricultural occupancy conditions and discharge of related planning obligations, single houses and wind turbines through to the likes of volume housebuilding proposals and planning appeals/reviews.

No matter the planning issue we are happy to provide independent advice and help.

Planning and Development

Initial Assessments

As a first stage we can undertake an initial assessment of your project from a planning policy perspective and offer an initial opinion on the challenges and opportunities that might come with the project.  This will be undertaken free of charge.

Pre-Application Discussions

It is often advisable to undertake pre-application discussions with the Planning Authority. Where a Planning Authority offers this opportunity, it can be a great way to get a feel for the key factors that may influence the Planning Authority’s view of your application prior to its submission. CERTUS can undertake a pre-application discussion with the Planning Authority on your behalf.

Planning Applications

CERTUS can prepare and submit your planning application along with the necessary supporting information to allow it to be determined by the Planning Authority. This could be a Planning Permission in Principle application to establish the principle of development or a Detailed Planning application.

Other Planning Related Applications

CERTUS can prepare and submit other types of applications on your behalf including applications for Prior Notifications, Certificate of Lawfulness for Existing Use or Development, Advertisement Consent, Approval of Matters Specified in Conditions, Material and Non-material amendments and Certificate of Appropriate Alternative Development (CAAD).

Planning Appeals and Reviews

CERTUS can prepare and submit Planning Appeals and Reviews. It is not necessary for us to have been involved in your application prior to receiving a refusal from the Planning Authority. We will always take a pragmatic approach and give you an opinion on whether the submission of an Appeal or Review is right for you.

Be aware that there are statutory time limits within which you can submit an Appeal or Review, and you will lose your chance to do so if these expire. Also, if the Local Planning Authority has acted in an unreasonable manner there may be grounds for an award of expenses which is a matter that we can advise on.

Pre-development Project Management

CERTUS can undertake the pre-development project management of your proposal. In this respect we have experience in carrying out the following:

  • Development feasibility – determining the extent of development you might achieve
  • Servicing assessment – determining whether the development can be accessed, drained and energised
  • Consenting – managing the applications for planning, roads and drainage consents

If you think you need some independent planning advice then please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.