Servitudes |  Licenses to Occupy | Leases | Wayleaves | Ransoms | Land Purchases

If a party approaches you to privately negotiate the right to use your property to:

  • place cables or pipes through it
  • take vehicular or pedestrian access over it
  • temporarily occupy it; or
  • purchase all or part of it

CERTUS can help negotiate a commercially viable outcome for you.

If you feel that use of your property is being made by a party without your agreement or in a manner that goes beyond what you have agreed with them, CERTUS can very effectively represent your commercial interests and negotiate on your behalf.

If you seek to use property owned by another party – CERTUS can help negotiate the rights that you require.

Commercial Negotiation

CERTUS have considerable expertise in assessing and negotiating commercial terms in relation to servitudes, licenses to occupy, leases, wayleaves, ransoms and land purchases. These are often sensitive and complex negotiations. In our experience, if not handled carefully related negotiations can become so acrimonious that no party ultimately feels that they have benefitted.

We take a very pragmatic approach to these types of negotiation, and deal with each on a case by case basis with a firm focus on helping to deliver a commercially attractive outcome for our clients.

As a first stage we can undertake an initial assessment of the situation to provide an independent opinion on it. This will be undertaken free of charge. Where a party wishes to obtain permission to use your land, we can often negotiate that they meet the landowner’s reasonable professional fees (CERTUS and solicitor) involved in negotiating and concluding the necessary legal agreement(s) on behalf of the landowner.

Contact us to see how we can help to negotiate the best outcome for you.