Land Referencing

CERTUS have significant experience in searching, identifying and mapping land ownership for a variety of purposes.

We are adept at the review of Land Certificates and are able to have complex Sasines titles simplified. We can identify important factors contained within Title Deeds in addition to who owns the land which may be relevant including existing servitude rights, various burdens and standard securities.

CERTUS have the ability to clearly map information relevant to a client’s needs. This can include the likes of above and below ground powerlines, pipelines, areas prone to flooding, heritage designations, environmental designations and planning policies.

We use a Geographic Information System (GIS) that allows for the efficient capture and management of data, facilitating its easy visualization, analysis and management by clients. This can be completely tailored to a client’s needs.

Site Finding

Site Finding

CERTUS is able to design a residential site-finding service around a client’s needs.

We are able to undertake site finding in both Scotland and England focusing on sites of any size and location, including greenfield and brownfield opportunities.

Our residential site finding service involves firstly undertaking a saturation study of a search area identified by a client. That is based on a client’s search criteria. Our initial site reports include a variety of information to allow a client to make the decision whether to progress to the next stage. Basic information included within an initial site report is as follows:

  • Site size and address
  • Site boundary plans (aerial and map)
  • Title Number and proprietorship
  • Current land use, including site zoning and planning Use Class
  • Average height of buildings on site
  • Local flood risk areas (shown on map base)
  • Environmental and heritage designations including listed buildings within 0.5km of site (shown on map base)
  • Planning policies e.g. areas of Green Belt within 0.5km of site (shown on map base)
  • Planning applications within 1km of site (including planning application references)
  • Recorded house sales within locale referenced by date sold, house type, floor area and sales price

More detailed reports can be provided on any site to include information on a variety of subjects including the detailed socio-economic profile of the area, an in-depth housing market report and the availability of service infrastructure.

Contact us if you are looking for a compilation of information regarding a specific land area or seeking to find residential development sites.